Attorney-at-law Heiko Hartenfels


Heiko Hartenfels


Bauschheimer Weg 43 – 55130 Mainz

Telephone: +49 (0) 6131.883311
Fax: +49 (0) 6131.6237866

Working languages: German and English

Focus of legal work

  • Information technology (IT) law
  • General business law
  • Law of factoring and centralized settlementCareer highlights

Carreer highlights

Previous jobs and positions:

1988 – 1989

R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG:
Advisor for major claims related to automobile liability

1989 – 1996

Allgemeine Kreditversicherung AG (including the following career track):
Head of the “Executive Board Secretariat, Legal Department, National Economy, Investments, Public Relations Work”
Department Head of the “Foreign Credit” Department

1996 – 1999

DG Diskontbank GmbH:
Head of the “Risk Management” Department
Responsible for the Advisors / Task Areas: Law, risk prevention, special lending support, loan settlement, claims and recourse Legal support for the Group’s own software company

1999 – 2003

Partner in the law firm of BDH

since 2004

Partner in the law firm of Falkner & Hartenfels


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Recht und Informatik e.V. (DGRI)

Personal information

Even though I have been working as a self-employed attorney-at-law (Rechtsanwalt) now for more than 20 years, I remain in my heart an in-house lawyer and would like to continue working in that capacity. What this means specifically: the law, in my view, is not an end in itself, but rather only a means to an end; a tool to achieve corporate goals and hence the goals of our clients. I have been very much shaped by my 11 years of work as an in-house company lawyer, and in the vast majority of those jobs, as a managing lawyer who reported directly to the managing directors. I was able to thereby comprehend and firmly grasp what sales pressure means and that a company cannot live from business which it is unable to generate.

Caution is necessary – yet, a good company lawyer and attorney-at-law not only recognizes the risks but also completely commits himself or herself to finding a solution for those risks that are identified. Solutions must be practical and must be presented promptly – indeed, for me, quick response times are a critical component of the work I do for my clients. A defining quality of my relationship with my clients is that I understand their business and that when I provide advice, I carefully take into account their specific working procedures and other distinguishing characteristics. My specialization in computer law and in the law of factoring and centralized settlement is an essential prerequisite for me to truly advise my clients competently. If any matters, upon which I am to give advice, lie outside my core competency, then I frequently – at the request of my clients – act as my clients’ “outsourced” legal department and coordinate the collaboration with other specialists in areas such as company law, employment law and antitrust law.

In my private life, I am devoted to my wife, two sons and enjoy mechanical wristwatches, aging convertibles and reading non-fiction books (and novels) on a wide variety of subjects.