Law Firm

Our law firm is small and specialized. We have no intention of changing this. In an era when law firms are becoming larger and larger, we believe that personal relationships should still take precedence. To us, a close working relationship with our clients – one that strives for longevity – is more important than growth. However, the famous German financial paper Handelsblatt has included us each year for the subject law on information technology in the list „Germany’s Top Lawyers“ issued since 2009 in cooperation with the US publisher Best Lawyers.  

Fields of law

We advise our clients primarily in the fields of information technology law (IT law) and the law related to factoring and to the centralized settlement of accounts. Nevertheless, we also handle matters involving general business law. If we get the sense that the subject matter is beyond our professional expertise, then we will clearly and unequivocally communicate this fact to our clients. Instead of trying to acquire a case or legal matter at any price, we prefer to build steadfast relationships with cooperation partners who have the requisite know-how and relevant experience. We cultivate a particularly close working relationship with the prestigious corporate law firm,

Our clients

We represent business enterprises. We generally decline taking on personal matters from private clients, but are happy to recommend other qualified law firms. In IT law, we advise business enterprises on both the supplier and the user side, including software producers, system integrators, providers and consulting firms as well as customers which procure, launch and operate the software. The clients, whom we advise on matters involving the laws of factoring and centralized settlement and general business law, are primarily banks, insurance companies, factoring companies, large retail cooperatives and centralized settlement firms. Most of our clients are based in Germany, but some of them also have their headquarters elsewhere.


We feel it is important that clients should be able to easily reach us. No secretary in our firm will put you off with barely credible excuses. Our most important means of communication are telephone and email. To the extent possible, we will try to spare you lengthy and protracted meetings. If it becomes necessary, however, we will of course meet with you in person. Our working languages are German and English.

Working approach

Our clients expect that our work will yield value. For this reason, we develop tailor-made solutions by working together closely with our contacts and help implement such solutions both inside and outside the company. We view our clients’ concerns and matters not just from a legal perspective but also from a business perspective. We are often successful in reaching out-of-court settlements when disputes arise. Only when economically sensible solutions cannot be negotiated will we recommend seeking judicial resolution.