Business Law

Since our clients are ordinary participants in the day-to-day routine of business life (notwithstanding their industry focus and specialization), we are routinely faced with general business law questions which go beyond the fields of IT law, factoring law and centralized settlement law. Naturally, we therefore also advise our clients in the classic core areas of business law, above all in contract law. As former in-house company lawyers, we recognize the incredible range of potential subject matter and know that the impacted company’s business units and personnel cannot always pursue these interests in a consistent manner. Thus, we assist our clients not just in clarifying legal issues, but also in weighing and prioritizing interests. We thereby help in making existing risks more manageable and, sometimes, in exploiting opportunities that arise. Our work in business law includes, inter alia:  

Structuring, reviewing and negotiating contracts

  • General (standard) terms and conditions of purchase or sale
  • Purchase and supply contracts
  • Service and work product contracts
  • Lease agreements
  • Commission agreements
  • Cooperation, licensing and development contracts
  • Terms and conditions of use
  • Terms and conditions of participation
  • Agreements regarding features and qualities
  • Data protection rules, data protection clauses and data protection agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements

Terminating and winding down contracts

  • Preparing and implementing notices of termination related to contracts
  • Structuring, reviewing and negotiating voluntary contracts of rescission
  • Drafting and negotiating settlements

Enforcing or defending against claims

  • Including any litigation which may become necessary